I'm Philip Kramer and I'm delighted to meet you.

In this guise I am an author - an author of erotic novels in fact. I imagine you've come to this site to find out more about my books.

Well, you've come to the right place. Here I'll introduce you to Princess Natassja - my Heroine - and her retinue. You can sample some of their astoundingly erotic adventures. I'll even read some of them to you if you want; I have provided an MP3 of the first three chapters of "Natassja's Torment" for you to listen to. Indeed both the MP3 and pdf are available as free downloads. There are several others.

Feel free to investigate. And I'm always happy to answer your questions, just ask.

Don't be a stranger.

Philip Kramer - author of

Far Continent

So what's new?


This is how it goes: to date I've written three books, originally called "The Cum Queen", "The Second Cumming" and "Cum Again". Many people appear to have enjoyed them as such. But my publisher thinks this is "too rude" for broader circulation, so…

...instead my stories have been collected together as "The Chronicles of the Far Continent". The title has an elegant cadence, I confess, and I'm delighted to publish my 'Erotic Trilogy' under that name. You can buy it on Amazon HERE. The collection is prefaced by a 'special edition' short story introducing you to Princess Natassja and her world. It's called "Discovering the Far Continent".

The stories also remain separately available, though now they are known as "Natassja's Torment", "Natassja's Secret" and "Natassja's Revenge", being parts I, II and III respectively of the new “Chronicles”. They are all available as eBooks or Paperbacks.

But you cannot change the past, so they tell the same tale. And Princess Natassja will always be the Cum Queen.

Excitingly, Natassja's Revenge, Natassja's Secret and Discovering the Far Continent are now also available as an Audible audiobooks at iTunes, Amazon or Audible. Check them out HERE.


Moving On...

... the best thing is probably if you get on and take a look at the preview material or just walk on the wild side and treat yourself to one - or all - of the books. In either event you'll probably want to put some time aside. The Princess is fairly demanding. And vitamins, protein, that kind of stuff. Definitely plenty of liquid. You'll need...replenishing.

But apart from that, without further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen (for she holds neither prejudice nor preference) I give you...

The Cum Queen